Tuesday, 23 August 2011

made in the shade - what a find

Last week while surfing the net I made an awesome discovery...Made In The Shade...
How lovely is this - from made in the Shade
Their website is awesome and really grabbed my attention with all their little quirky images and funky fonts. 
Imagine my excitement when I realised that they were based in Glasgow (where I'm from) and even better....I was going home to visit at the weekend so I didn't have to wait long at all before visiting their real life shop-woo hoo!

They have the cutest little shoppe in De Courcy's Arcade called The Maisonette which is packed full of crafty and vintage inspired handmade goodies and lots of inspiration. 
I could have bought one of everything in the shop but had to resist and left with this little brooch making kit which I'm so excited about stitching up later and a back issue of Selvedge for a bargain price of £6. Its the first time I've got a copy of it...always heard so many people talk about it and felt like I've been missing out a bit....so excited about reading it cover to cover......The strap line at the bottom of the magazine says.."The Fabric of your life:Textiles in fashion, fine art, interiors, travel and shopping"  - right up my street!

My day of exciting finds didn't finish there...while wandering around the west end a was handed a leaflet for "Granny would be proud - vintage art and craft fair" at the Hillhead Bookclub. what a treasure trove of cool stuff they had but I couldn't help but pick up a few of these vintage knitting patterns.

I stopped at 3 but could have bought the whole folder the seller had! The poses they have are the funniest thing! 

Then how AMAZING when I got home and showed my Mum she said she had loads of them out in the garage! Whoop whoop! so I've now got quite a collection - just need to get knitting!

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