Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My wardrobe of Colette patterns grows

Since discovering the Sobretto top free download from Colette Patterns a few months ago I been hooked on stitching up their lovely range of patterns. They are all really easy to follow with clear pictures and top tips. They tend to have a more fitted look which I really like too. So far I have made the Hazel dress, Parfait dress and a Sorbetto top.

After a busy and stressful week last week I decide to get a good few hours in front of my sewing machine this weekend to take my mind of things.  I had started off another Sobretto top last week in a gorgeous Liberty silk so I got that finished off. I also finished another Hazel dress, this time in a light weight floral print.

This is the Liberty silk Sobretto top. I decided not to include the front pleat in this version. I love how using different fabrics can totally change the look of a top. The silk is pretty 'flowy' so although it isn't a tight fit it does't feel baggie at all.

This is a Hazel dress in a lightweight cotton floral print. As its still a bit chilly here in Birmingham I think I'll stick to wearing it with tights for the time being. When the sun is out it I think it'll look great with a little pair of sandals too! 

This last picture is of another Sobretto top that I made quite a few weeks ago now with fabric I've had for ages. Its a light weight cotton too. I decided to miss out the pleat on this version as well as I didn't want to interrupt the pattern repeat. When cutting it out I made sure I considered the pattern to make sure I got one of the little Dears in the middle.
I recently bought the Colette Sewing Handbook ( a signed version from Sarai!) which I'm really enjoying so I'm sure my wardrobe will be expanding even more over the next few months!

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