Friday, 13 July 2012

Our new website is LIVE!

After almost 18 months of blogging on 'The Next Stitch' I'm now saying goodbye and moving on over to blog on my fab new website where I will operate my new Haberdashery, Fabric and Yarn shop from.

I started this blog when I decided to work part-time in my previous career as a physiotherapist. I felt like I needed more creativity in my life and I started this blog, really as a log and diary for myself to chart my creative endeavours.

Over time I started to realise that I wanted my career to be centred around my creative passions. At the same time we were at a cross roads of deciding what to do with a property my Husband had bought several years ago. That's we we came up with the idea of turning the property into a Haberdashery shop. Over several months the business idea was developed, planning applications were put in place and a new scheme for the building was designed. 

We have got a lot of work to do the the property bring it back to life again but I just know it will look amazing when its finished! As with any building work these things always seem to take longer then you will think. So in the meantime we have had a fantastic website made and opened up a little online store to spread the word about our exciting new creative venue which is in Moseley Village, Birmingham. 

So head on over to and follow our journey as we renovate this fantastic building and grow our new business! 

Thanks to everyone who has visited and followed me on this blog and I hope you will join as I take a big step and move on up! 

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