Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hazel dress from Colette Patterns

After making the Parfait dress and the Sobretto top recently from the retro range at Colette Patterns I couldn't wait to get started when they released there spring & summer styles last week.

Two new dresses, called Hazel and Lily, and a cute pair of summer shorts, called Iris, adds to the already fab range of patterns they have. I love that they have real names too.

When I was about 14 or 15 I got really into making handbags. My Mum had taught me how to sew but she made more clothes than bags so it meant that I had to figure out a lot of how to do things by myself. Never a bad thing...I think experimentation is the best way to learn! Anyway, I used to name them with real names too....like Rachel, Louise, Betty (to name but a few). I had a little note book with all my designs and names next to them. So I guess the naming of the Colette patterns makes me a bit nostalgic really.

You can order the patterns to be delivered or download them. Feeling a bit impatient, as you do, I went for the download and print at home option. Despite the extra time it takes to tape all the A4 bits together its still quicker than snail mail from the US so I was able to get started ASAP. I'm never sure how things will look on me once made so I decided to go for a less expensive ploy cotton fabric for my first dress. I choose the Hazel dress, mostly because I liked the picture on the website of one they had made up in a gorgeous stripy fabric which looked lovely.

So here is my first Hazel dress. Also in a stripe but a much narrower one that I had seen on the colette website. I really like it so I've got some fabrics in mind for more dresses. I'm just wearing it with jeans or leggings until the weather gets a bit warmer. The top section is fitted but the skirt is gathered to easily fits over trousers or jeans.

 When I was cutting out the side panel I decided to cut it so the stripes would contrast with the middle panel, rather than try to get things all matching. 

If you fancy giving Colette Patterns a go then try out the free downloadable Sobretto Top. Its a nice and easy one to get started, especially if you buy bias binding as opposed to making your own which is easily do-able, just a bit more time consuming and fiddly.

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  1. This is very pretty version you sewed. I am working on a similar striped version but with piping.