Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Customised sobretto top by Colette

A few weeks ago I found, just by chance on my google reader, a link to a free pattern download from Colette for the Sorbretto top. It's quite a simple easy top made up from just two pattern pieces with a pleat down the front and endless opportunities for customising it to your own preferences.

I had a few fabrics that I've been wanting to make into vest type tops for a while but I couldn't find a pattern I wanted....until now.

Last week I completed my first top with a Liberty print fabric. I ended up only using about 60cm of the fabric (and the whole width of that) and made my own bias tape for the edging too from this tutorial (I would recommend that you made the tape a bit wider than it suggests though).

The modifications I made were:
  • added an extra two darts at the front to make it more fitted
  • brought the side seams in a bit to make it more fitted
  • created a button opening down the back (so I could get it on and off, now that it was more fitted)
  • lowered the neck line slightly
  • lowered the seam under the arm (I think it was digging in a bit because I made the top more fitted)
Below is how much I took the side seam in

And these are the extra darts I added to the front either side of the pleat. 
 The front dart again, showing what size I made it. 

I you want to practise pattern manipulation to really make a top fit you well, I would recommend this one as  its pretty straight forward. I just kept trying the top on as I went along to make sure it was sitting the way I wanted. Also, always make sure that any changes you do make are symmetrical on each side or else the top won't sit right. Remember the download is if you have any spare fabric around..which I'm sure a lot of you will...then there is no reason not to get started on one!

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