Friday, 30 March 2012

Decorate your bed with cosy comfy cushions

It seems my house is slowly becoming over run with cushions these days. I'm up to 10 now in the living room now and I only have a 3 seater soft and one are chair! Thankfully my latest batch was shipped off to my sister. She asked me to make up some cushions for her bed with the left over material from her new curtains. So here are the 3 different variations I made up for her........

I bought two bolster cushion pads and just cut a rectangle shape out the same width by the circumference of the bolster along with two circles for the ends. I cut bias tape and used a thickish rope to make the edging trim. They have an invisible zip so easy to wash the cover if needed but looks slick in the meantime. 

The middle sized cushions are also edged with the same trim that I made and have a self covered button in the middle front and back for a bit of variation. 

They have an invisible seam hiding in the seam too. 

There wasn't enough fabric to make edging for the bigger cushions so I decided to use an oxford edging. Really easy to make - just stitch the outside seams right sides together, turn the right way out and now with the wrong sides together stitch all the way round (I did 3cm in but you could do more depending on how much of a flappy bit you wanted). 
 So the 'flappy bit' sort of edges it in a way. Just a bit more interesting that having no edging or border at all. 
 I put an invisible zip down the back of these ones - mostly because the fabric I had left meant there wasn't enough for another huge full square for the back. I think it works well with the oxford edging anyway. 

If some of the technical references sound a bit confusing then fear not!..... Our creative workroom workshop programme will be able to teach you all this and more when we open  our business this summer in the heart of Moseley village, Birmingham. 

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