Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Little leather note book - with a splash of liberty print

Last year I went on a fantastic weekend book binding course with the very talented travelling book binder Rachel Hazell.

It was great fun and we learned lots of different ways to make books. This is a set of little mini books I made, all bound with different stitches. 

 I also made this larger concertina book as part of the course which I filled with little drawings and paintings inspired by my favourite songs. 

Putting my skills to the test I made a simple note book for my Mum last year using some leather I had, but since then I'm sorry to say I haven't been binding any books.  

So I decided to do something about it and made up this little note book, again using leather. I also decided to brighten it up on the inside with some Liberty print. Here is how I did it.....

I used an old spiral bound note book that I had for the pages of my new book - just had to trim off the bit that was in the spiral. Then I used my lovely bone folder to crease the pages in half. 

Next I cut out my leather cover with a strip to fasten it closed. I used bonda web to line the inside cover with a Liberty print. 

I then made the holes in the pages ready for being stitched together. 

Next I punched corresponding holes in the leather cover. 

Then using some strong top stitch thread I stitched the pages and cover together, using little wooden beads on the outside to bung up with holes that I made in the leather. 

Lastly I cut a slit in the front cover for my strip to slot into and keep the note book closed and snug in my bag. 

Here is the finished book.....

...and the gorgeous Liberty print on the inside. 

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