Thursday, 19 January 2012

Vintage and antiques galore in Buenos Aires

Before I visited this amazing city I didn't realise how many antique and vintage shops there would be. It was so interesting to wander around. Some were full of posh and fancy antiques with huge price tags, others were more jumble sale like where you had to rake around more, which I think is more fun anyway. 

A bit of a massive jumble in here but when you looked closely you could spot some treasures
Just like lots of sweeties...there were for making chandaleries ( I think) 

Full of colour...more gorgeous tiles

We also found a great antique place in La Barra in Uruguay where I bought this cute original dulce de leche jar from the 1950's. I love it and it makes the perfect souvenir...they have dulce de leche in just about everything over there! 

When my shop and studio finally gets up and running I will defiantly be a lot more organised that some of the shops in these pictures but I defiantly like the quirkiness of all things vintage. 

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