Thursday, 26 January 2012

My favourite shops in Buenos Aires - Part 2

Following on from my last blog post on the beautiful Casa Chic boutique in Buenos Aires I wanted to share some pictures of another one of the gorgeous shops I found on my travels.

This one is called...........
Cualquier Verdura
..........and is in the San Telmo district of the city. The shop is made up of several different rooms each themed around a room in a house. And the best part is everything is for sale! 

This looks though to the 'kitchen' - really love the distressed look on the shutter on the right

ah..if only my kitchen looked as colourful and funky as this!

Made up to look like a 'wash area' but packed with amazing cute little trinkets

View into the 'dining room'

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love the wood burning stove in the day...definatly....ahhh the smell of a fire!

This little table looked awesome and the cacti were either felt or knitted

as all the portenos like to have in their courtyard

....and it was pick with tiled floor....I WANT ONE!

I think the alchemy style cabinets with all their little drawers look soooo great....I have my eyes peeled for  one for the shop!

buttons so cute I could eat them like sweets! and what an amazing little drawer box to store them in! 
I spent over an hour in here looking through was such an inspiring shop, even just to see how the products for sale could be used when you took them how and what would go well together. Some mental notes were defiantly made

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