Saturday, 11 June 2011

Book binding

Maybe its just me but I'd never thought stitching had so much to do with book binding. I'm taking part in an amazing book art workshop this weekend, taught by world famous Rachel Hazell. Its been so much fun and already I've learned loads that will be forever useful and hopefully help me to use up lots of various bit and pieces of fabric, paper and trimmings that I seem to collect. 

Today was this first day of the workshop which is taking part at the Lewis and Wood Mill in Woodchester.  They produce the gorgeous fabrics and wall papers, a dream for any fabric lover (thats me!) especially interior fabrics. 
this is inside the Lewis and Wood shop
lots of lovely fabrics for sale
So, today we were learning some book binding basics, folding and cutting paper, stitching little books together using different stitches. 
My work space and tools
This is a chain stitch
Three way binding stitch (i think), using cut offs of wall paper as a cover
before stitching the sections together you mark out lots of little dots  and prick them using a needle
This is called a ladder stitch. I used regular embroidery thread but i guess the proper way is to use the waxed linen twine but its a bit boring and white.
This is what the inside looks like
work station a buzz with little bound books
My little collection of books, some single section, double and there is even a tripler in there
 Can't wait for tomorrow where we start using fabric and ribbon and buttons and all that kind of stuff to make a special to follow. 

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