Monday, 13 June 2011

drawing with ink pots

My thoughtful sister in law ;0) bought me a set of lovely Winsor & Newton Inks for my Christmas last year. I finally cracked them open today and realised how much I had been missing! They are loads of fun to use. I used them with paint brushes (that are actually acrylic ones) but they seemed to work fine. 

This is the little painting that I did which makes another page of my book art from the last two posts and another clue to the theme!
Any ideas on the theme yet anyone? I'm so excited for it to all come together!

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  1. Hi lauren - love windsor and newton inks - my favorite. Thanks for the comment on my blog - the peacock is one of my illustrations - i am interested to know you bought yours in a shop in SA, does it have my signature on it? I normally sign and date my prints in pencil just under the illustration on the left. Can you remember the name of the shop?

    Lovey blog! Paula x