Monday, 4 April 2011

Screen printed roman blind

 Today was my first official week day of not being on annual leave...just not working on a Monday! I finished the blind for my bathroom that I've been working on. I hand screen printed the fabric at my textiles class and today stitched it up into a blind. 

Because the screen was bigger than the stencil I had to use paper to cover up the prints as I went

The next week, once the first prints had dried I filled in the gaps with the second colour

this was the practice prints

Here is the finished blind hanging up in my bathroom.  Will post day light picture with it up tomorrow hopefully.  Got to go into work tomorrow (as a once off on a Tuesday).  Got lots more projects to upload so will try to catch up with that as soon as I can. Work is also progressing on a new logo design. Just trying to figure out how to chop and paste and merge photos into a logo. 


  1. Lauren u r so clever! This is really great, sad I just missed seeing it up on Saturday! Sarah (housemate) & I think your blog is grat, you've done so much so quickly!

  2. Hi, Love the pattern. Where would you buy/find the screen to print?