Friday, 1 April 2011

Re-upholstery projects - piano stool and storage box

 This is some before and after shoots of two re-upholstery projects that I worked on last year. I got the stool and box from a junk shop for £25. I hadn't done any re-upholstery before so these were my practice items.

The wood was really dark so I sanded it down and used wire wool and wax to seal it again. 

I used a rubber type padding and then covered it with calico first to give it a fire retardant. 
This is the finished stool with stud strips round the edge. Makes for a useful extra seat in me little living room. 

Ugh! plasticky fake leather and a bit stinky, this is the box before.

And the end product. Harder than you would think to get those stripes to match up! 

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