Friday, 1 April 2011

Re-upholstery of set of 4 dining chairs, story so far..

A year or so ago I got a set of 4 dining chairs for free from an old nursing home in Glasgow that had closed down and was chucking out loads of stuff.
This is the inside of the chair pad, Full of very stinky dusty dirty real horse hair.....

...and rusty springs. My upholstery teacher convinced me to wash the horse hair. So I waited for a sunny day and washed it in big plant pots and left it out to dry, not the most pleasant thing I've ever done. 

I sanded down the chair frame and waxed it which gave it a much lighter colour

Next stage was to re-web the chair

Then sew new springs in

Then tie them down

Next the horse hair gets sewn in

and tied down to give a firm edge. 

This is where I'm up to so far, ready for the next layer of horse hair. I also have to decide what the final fabric will be and I have to fix this in at the back first. 
I've got enough of this stuff to cover all fours chairs
It looks quite yellowy in this picture but I think I might prefer this one, only thing is I've only got enough to cover two chairs in this one. 

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