Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My visual mix tape book art

For those of you who have read previous posts you may remember I was working a theme on a book I made during my book binding workshop back in June. See previous posts What is book art anyway? and drawing with ink pots
Well I finally finished it last week just in time to submit to the MAC anticurate exhibition.

the theme is a mix tape - like a mix tape you would make up for a friend when cassettes were still around -the difference being this is a visual one. Where each song is represented by a picture created using several different mediums including acrylic, pencil sketch, textiles, embroidery and handmade felt.

I've picked the songs because they have meaning to me - either getting stuck in my head and playing over and over (big black horse and a cherry tree by KT Tunstall) or stir up special memories (The Strokes 12:51 - and I'm transported back to T in the Park years ago - singing my heart out while trying to stay balanced on someones shoulders).

so it starts in the box....

then it can open out and stand up on its own for display purposes

This is a bit of an intro

Side one song list (fabric page has "just give me some" machine embroidered on it


"before I go"

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night"

"are you going for gold" and "12:51"

"come fly with me, lets fly, lets fly away"

"10 days of perfect tunes, the colours red and blue, we had a promise made, we were in love"

Side two

"all you need is love"

"caledonia your calling me and now I'm going home"

"la mer" and "a falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes"

"bye bye miss american pie"

"we are living in a material world"

'big black horse and a cherry tree"
I'm not sure when I'll hear if its been accepted for the exhibition but the curator I chatted to seemed really keen so guess I'll just see what happens.

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