Monday, 11 July 2011

Glastonbury Festival 2011

My first experience of glastonbury this year was...well...not what you would probably traditionally expect at a festival...My first pic of mud is of course very typical and I felt it pertinent to include as as you can probably guess there is a lot of mud there! But as i found out there are soooo many other things there too.
We did the big name bands and pop stars we liked but also spent lots time exploring and stumbling across all sorts of being me, the craft field was obviously a big highlight :)

This was a piece of art (i guess) made entirely of old stuff, was almost a bit creepy when you looked closely

A make your own bunting tent! ( well bunting is the new cup cakes after all!)

ah! how exciting we learned to weave our own basket - this was mine just getting started!

I made this! My finished basket, was so chuffed with it.

I also learned how to crochet too and bought this lovely hand spun wool. The couple I bough it from have an etsy shop, check out Inner spiral shop

aaaah...letting the feet breathe on a sweltering sunday afternoon from the lookout point.

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