Sunday, 17 July 2011

revamped chair

Last sunday a few of the streets around my house were full of peoples unwanted 'stuff'. There was just about everything from actual rubbish to pool tables, chairs, pictures, clothes horses, baby car seats, boxes, coffee tables, mattresses and the list goes on.
What excitement! I went out wandering with my sis in law and we picked up quite a few interesting things including this boring old chair, unloved and a bit dirty... 

So I cleaned it up, gave it a coat of primer then a coat of this lilac pain I had hanging around

Followed by a coat of this cute baby pink colour by Laura Ashley

I still had some padding left over from upholstery class and thought this would be a perfect way to use it up.
I then attacked it with some sand paper to age it a bit at the corners. The layers I had done underneath came through too so it gave a really lovely effect

Using some fabric I had in the cupboard I made a cushion cover with little ties to hold it in place
And ta-da - this finished chair, it fits perfectly under the little breakfast table in the kitchen. Little did this chair know that only 1 week later it would have been rescued from the tip and transformed!

We also found a large canvas on a fame, this table and a set of 5 glass jars, which I think are maybe for making wine or beer. Not sure what I'll do with them yet but I'll think of something

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  1. lovely! maybe you could use the bottles for oversized vases or keep thousands of buttons or beads in them. That would look fantastic, and so colourful! xx