Monday, 22 August 2011

I knitted my way to Scotland

Another long journey in the car this weekend up to Scotland. Managed to leave Birmingham by 5pm which has broken all records for us so far and finally made it Scotland about 10.30pm.

Not content with sitting doing nothing, as my hubby drove, I clicked and clacked my knitting needles together  - what better way to pass time when your stuck sitting down for 5+ hours! Although it got dark after a while and I only managed one row in the dark..... so had to just snooze after that!

I've been slowly working my way through the cushion cover designs in the Amy Butler Midwest Modern Knits book. Some of you may remember my knitted cushion cover post from June where I managed to figure out how to use the cable needle. My knitted mug snug is from the same Amy Butler book too.

I started this cushion cover when I was on holiday a few weeks ago - didn't manage to sit and do nothing then either - and I've now made good headway on the back cover, no more long car journeys planned for a while so I think I need to knitting time scheduled in to get the rest done.

I totally love love love the belle organic yarn that is recommended you use for these projects. The colours are so soft and warm. They had a 25% sale on the yarn in Frasers department store a few months ago and I couldn't help but stock up - so I've got in all hanging out in my basket now (see below) - just sitting there inspiring me.

I realised the other day that I like to create things the same way that I cook. Often I just buy bits a pieces of fabric or trim or buttons not for any other reason other than they look pretty or colourful. Then when I see everything all together all random looking that my mind starts going mad with ideas of how to put it together - just like what usually happens at dinner time. 
I'll have a look at whats in the fridge, try to remember what is beneath the crusty frostyness covering the food in the freezer and whip something up with what I find. 
What way do you like to create? Plan things out? Or just go with the flow and start putting things together?

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