Saturday, 13 August 2011

abstract painting on canvas

So a painting on canvas isn't quite to do with stitching but I though I'd share some photos of my first (sort of) abstract painting.

I recently completed the Do What You Love e-course organised and run by the lovely Beth. I would highly recommend it for anyone out there who feels maybe a bit lost or looking for a new direction in life. Its defiantly helped me figure so much out and really changed my outlook -for the better- on a lot of things. It lasted 6 weeks so there was quite a few activities that I did as part of the course but this abstract painting task was one I surprisingly totally loved! Aimed at getting you to just go for it and be really random and play with the paint - as long as you had fun it didn't matter what it looked like, or so the task instructions said. 

I found this large canvas in a street near my house a few weeks ago when there was a community clear out day and everyone put there junk out to be collected by the council. As the saying goes one persons rubbish in another persons treasure, or something like that. So I snapped this canvas up along with a few other treasures. 

It was all going pretty random in the beginning. I had always wanted to just flick paint and make a bit of a mess so I got carried away with this for a few layers.

...and really got my hands stuck in there....

...a few more splodges and then the messy picky colour at the top is some tissue paper stuck in to give some texture...

.....then, typical of me at the moment, I couldn't resist adding in a few love heart and bird shapes......

 The words on each bird are words I chose that had sort of sprung out at me from working through the course. Words that I want to aspire to and to help keep me positive and inspired. 

 I've hung it up on the wall in my make shift studio/the spare bedroom for the time being anyway, not sure how long it'll stay there, maybe until my next masterpiece is created. 

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  1. how fun to find canvas! i've been finding lots of white ceramics pieces at garage sale in my neighborhood...planning to paint and bake them!

    would be wonderful to see you at artfest! that's so fun you've been taking the do what you love course too :)

    enjoy the weekend!