Sunday, 29 May 2011

hand felted heart cushion cover

It all starts with the wool tops.....
.........which get teased out to little wisps of fibres and layed out in 4 alternate layers on top of curtain netting and bubble wrap.
With another bit of curtain netting over the top the wool fibres then get soaked with soap and water and patted down 
I had partly felted some red wool tops and cut them into heart shapes. They were placed on top of the cream wool once it had been patted down with soap and water and then rubbed with a small piece of netting to get the fibres bonded.
Once all the fibres stick together the wool is wrapped up in between bubble wrap, then wrapped around a bit of foam that you would normally use to keep your pipes warm.
That wool sausage is then rolled up in a towel and rolled back and forward at least 30 times, then rotated 90 degrees and rolled some more....over and over again and eventually it starts to shrink and felt.
Its then plunged into hot then cold water a good few times and all the soap rinsed out......
.......then then hung out to dry.
Meanwhile I had made a plain square for the back too. Once I had ironed the wrinkles out, the two squares were trimmed to size.
I then stitched the two pieces together using blanket stitch and put in the cushion pad.......
........ta da, finished! 


  1. Wow - it looks great Lauren :) If you like felt you will love todays Folksy blog post.

    Your blog is looking excellent too, thanks for getting in touch on twitter via Craft blog UK :)

  2. I really like the making photos Lauren, I find that far from give away secrets it helps people understand your work and making processes more - and how much hard work goes into everything!
    Keep it up