Monday, 23 May 2011

knitting needle holder

My only rule for making the needle holder was that I wasn't allowed to buy anything new to make it with. I've got so many bits and pieces of things in the house that need used up for something so I decided to try and use them up.
1. screen printed fabric - mostly from my practise shots when making the blind and also a bird design that I experimented with.
2. ribbon from the market, bought for no particular reason other than the it was a stall full of just ribbons and they all looked good together so I decided I needed to have my own selection.
3. Thread from thread drawer
4. Chunky wool left over from jumper.
My rough plan
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I used some of the ribbon to make a border from the printed design

I used a contrasting colour of thread in zig zag stitch to attach the printed fabric onto the base fabric
This bit took ages - pining where the stitch lines would go to make pockets for all the different sizes of needles
I then made a second layer with pockets for smaller needles 
Inside finished - and stocked up
Outside finished - pleated wool ties to keep it closed 

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