Monday, 6 February 2012

What to do with crochet granny squares?.......Bunting!!

Before I left to go on my South American adventure last November I got together a crochet project ready to take with me. I had been knitting and sewing so much before I left that going away for 7 weeks without doing anything crafty seemed pretty hard. 

I had bought the gorgeous 'Cute and Easy Crochet' book by Nikki Trench not long before I left and decided to take some supplies with me to make one of her throws (see previous blog post). 

The same throw was recently featured in Mollie Makes Magazine
I knew there would be long plane and bus journeys so thought it might be a good way to pass some time. Unfortunatly my little scissors got confiscated at security at Birmingham Airport (too pointy apparently) so I had to buy a nail clipper to cut my yarn...quite effective once I got the hang of it! 

So I had great intentions...had all my yarn ready....colour scheme decided...copied out the pattern...had my nail clippers and hook...
The yarn I used was Amy Butler belle organic aran for Rowan 
......hmmmmmm, things didn't quite go as planned....I managed to make about 20 squares in total...... 

 So all this yarn had a lovely trip too...being stuffed in my rucksack for 7 weeks....

I think its hard to just have one project on the go at one time. I missed my vintage top I was knitting before I left...but I could't have brought that too!  

So for all of you out there who have more that one project on the go...good for you!! Variety is the key I say.... especially when it come to me and to crochet. 

So instead of making up the throw I decided to so something that had more instant results.....bunting! Everyone loves a bit of bunting and using crochet squares makes for a good alternative to the traditional triangle ones. 


  1. Just loving this not good at get all confused he-he.

  2. Hi Jen, we will have crochet classes too...its easy once you get the hang of it as its quite repetitive :)