Monday, 13 February 2012

Rag dolls and scrap mice

I think that there is something so nostalgic about handmade toys. Last year I helped clear out my parents attic, which was packed full of just about everything from my childhood. My Mum has squirrel tendencies, it seems. Me and my sister found all sorts of stuff in there....old school books, little shoes, journals, toys, toys and more toys. 

Yeap...I was one lucky kid! I had so many toys, and there they all were covered in dust and a bit faded. I had cuddly bears, little polly pockets, a giant tea cup that was a house...the list goes on. Then I found Diane, the rag doll my Mum had made for me. I flippin' loved that doll. I made little outfits for her, fed her, put her to bed...she went everywhere in her hay day! And out of all the toys that were unearthed that day she was defiantly on the keep pile.

She even had sweet little leather shoes!

The little mice cover project from this months Mollie Makes reminded me of my rag doll. 

I decided to make the mamma mouse and it was great to make something that used up all my scraps and really satisfying to have a cute little mouse at the end. Now I just need to find a little person to give her to. 

It got me thinking about handmade toys in general. So much of what we buy from food to clothes and toys now just ends up in the bin, but having something that is handmade, especially when shard between family and friends has a value you can't put a price on. 

Do you have a favourite toy from your childhood thats handmade? Or would you like to make something for your own little ones? When I open up my new crafty venue in the summer time I want to make sure that the workshops I have on offer are what my customers would love to make. Would you like to see toy making on the programme? If so I would love to hear about it in the comments section below.....

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