Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tutorial: How to make a 'Love' banner - bunting style

Now that January is over its time I think its time to forget about the post Christmas/holiday blues. Okay...a February freeze may have been predicted for the UK but there is still plenty to look forward too....longer days...spring flowers...the Olympics...and Valentines day (maybe?) Either way why not bring some love into your life with this cute 3D on to find out how....

First of all cut out a pattern for your make sure they are all the same size I used half a sheet of A4 paper and made the width of the letters about 4.5cm. Just make sure all your letters are the same width so it all looks even once finished. 

Next cut out two pieces of fabric for each letter. Just make sure you check what side is the front and back of your fabric and cut out on letter in reverse.

Then pin your two letters WRONG sides together. For this project we are not turning it inside out, you will see the seams so its wring sides together. 

 Next sew your letters together - I used the edge of the foot on the machine as a guide as lined it up with the edge of the fabric

 Remember to leave a section to stuff. For the 'O' I made the opening on the outside of the letter. 

 Next get some stuffing, I used a cheap pillow pad that I cut open to get the stuffing out, but any stuffing will do. 

 I just pushed a bit in at a time with my thumb.....

 ...then used a metal kebab stick to push the stuffing to the bottom. Its best to just but a little bit it at a time so that the stuffing sits more evenly. 

 Once the letter is full you'll be left with the gap....

 Pin the two openings together then.....

 ...using the zipper foot on your machine stitch the opening closed..ensuring you keep in line with the previous stitching that you did. 

 Then your letter should look something like this..... to finish it off and make it look a prettier I used pinking shears to tidy up the edges and help minimise fraying. 

Put it all together and what have you got?..........

Next I made a simple chain stitch cord with some spare yarn and my crochet hook....or if you have a lovely bit of trim or ribbon lying around you could use that too....just stitch it to the back of each letter, making sure they are spaced out evenly. 

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