Monday, 4 June 2012

Vintage scarf up-cycling and sweet williams

Joining in the Jubilee festivities today I went along to the Jubilee craft and vintage fair at the Waterhall in Birmingham City Centre.

I had a delicious rhubarb crumble cup cake and homemade lemonade from my friends cup cake stall, Paisley Immy Cakes. No picture I'm afraid, I ate it before I got a chance! 

I bought this lovely 'vintage' scarf for bargain price of £1 and I plan to turn in into a little pouch bag with the clasp frame as inspired by the tutorial in Mollie Makes issue fourteen by Nathalie Mornu who has written a whole book dedicated to re-using scarves!

On the way home I couldn't walk past these gorgeous sweet williams! They looked so beautiful I couldn't resist.

When I was trimming the leaves off and arranging them in the vase I accidentally broke off one of the heads. Not wanting it to go to waste I decided to pick a few more flowers from the garden near the head and make a little floating flower arrangement in this glass bowl I picked up at a car boot a few weeks ago. The dish also happens to be marked with the date of the Queens coronation so it all fitted in perfectly to the Jubilee season! 

Happy Jubilee weekend everyone! 

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