Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ceramic buttons - from South Africa

I love to embellish my sewing, knitting and crochet projects with special little bits and pieces. It might be some lovely ribbon or a bit of lace (like on this purse), or with a special button or two. Its all these little things that can make the project your doing that bit more personal. 

So, when I spotted the gorgeous range of ceramic buttons from Zimame Trading Co by the Incomparable factory in Johannesburg I knew I had to have some for my new shop! 

Zimame Trading Co is all about supporting artists and craftsmen and women from Southern africa. Many of the women working at the Incomparable factory have been there for many years, earning a fair wage that enables them to feed and clothes their families and send their children to school. 

Here are some of the ladies from the Sunshine Team that make the buttons, completely by hand....

They offer a large range of buttons from novelty ones like ice cream cones and cup cakes to animal themed ones with hens, dogs, cats, horses and birds. They also have really pretty flower and hearts ones too. 

All the buttons are machine washable and dry cleanable. They are also acid free and can be safely used in scrapbooking projects. 

Here are some pictures of just part of the range that we will be offering once the online shop gets up and running. 

One of my favourite lines are these unglazed squares that you can customise with your own design. I stitched out my name on these ones with some embroidery floss but I think little beads would work well too. 

Are there any types of buttons you would really like to see in the shop? Novelty ones? Or more plain ones? 

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