Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Creative Tuesday

I'm on a quest at the moment to get all the various half finished, started then forgotten projects around my house completed. Only problem is I keep starting new things...like last week when I made this Cath Kidson  apron and a little business card holder. Then today I picked up some more felt to make the 3D jammy dodger from Mollie Makes.

So I've decided to dedicate tuesdays to working on the various ongoing creative projects around my house. Today I planned to do a bit more re-upholstering of the dining chair I've been working on, slowly, for over a year and stitch together some of the screen printed tote bags that I printed and cut out months ago..but just haven't got round to stitching together. 

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to dedicate my entire day....the weather was amazing so got lots of washing done and hung out, and I really really needed to vacuum then house, it seriously couldn't wait any longer. And I ended up going out for lunch. But I defiantly made head way on my projects.....

I got one of 4 dining chairs finished a while back so today I was working on the second one.  I got the calico layer on and started tensioning it. And due to how the fabric is attached to the back panel, the top layer of fabric is also in situ...I just need to keep it out the way until the calico is sorted and tensioned. 
 I've chosen this for the top fabric. It looks a bit richer than this in real life. Once its finished I'll take a pic in light the shows off the clouds better. 
 I had 10 calico bags cut out ready to be stitched together with two designs. The heart design  and the geometric flower design that I used in my roman blind
I only got this one completely finished...
 And I got the edging stitched on to hide the seams on the inside of 3 other bags. 
So that was my creative tuesday this week...its my birthday next tuesday so not sure what I'll get done, I'm sure I can squeeze in something.


  1. Great Idea for creative Tuesdays. Good way to get things done and inspire us all. Love your print work. Your background print is lovely as well. Nice work.

    Did you just recently take Kelly Rae Roberts class? If so, stop over onto the FB group page,

    Happy Blogging


  2. Hi Deborah..thanks for the comment :) Yeh i was in the last intake of the KRR class..not been on the Facebook group page for a while so will stop by, Thanks x