Saturday, 24 September 2011

Creative Tuesday

Things have been pretty busy the past few weeks at The Next Stitch Towers and despite blog posts being a bit sparse there has been plenty of stitching going on!

I'm working on a potential new business venture at the moment (don't want to reveal too much at the mo until it comes together a bit more) and that has been taking up a lot of time, the computer has been stealing hours from the day again. So, last Tuesday I decided to spend the whole day making things.

A few weeks ago I got some funky Cath Kidson fabric at the outlet shop at Bicester and decided to make it into an apron. I just sort of made the pattern up as I went along and held up against me to check size. I wanted something that went right around my waist as I tend to wipe my hands on my side when I'm cooking (bad habit from my mum I think). I had some pom pom trim that I wanted to use up too.

So after the apron I looked to my pinterest board of crafty ideas I love and made a little business card holder. Ok so I don't have a business yet, never mind business cards but I'm working on that - just doing a bit of planning ahead.

That didn't take me long so then I gave patchwork a go. I bought an Amy Butler pattern the weekend before and had some liberty fabric that I've been wanting to use for ages so seemed like a good chance to use up some of my ever growing bundle of fabric. When I was on holiday in America in July I bought a rotary cutter and one of the clear measurerer thingies so you can measure things accurately and it seemed a good chance to use them too.

So that wraps up my creative Tuesdays so far....looking forward to next week. On the my other dining chair and making up more of the screen printed calico tote bags.

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